Yan Huynh pursed the girl mouth and smiled, once the a kind of acquiescence, Fu Zhixing next let her visit shower

Yan Huynh pursed the girl mouth and smiled, once the a kind of acquiescence, Fu Zhixing next let her visit shower

The latest queen efficiently represented an image of infatuation, kindness, dirty h2o splashed extremely competent, regardless if Fu Zhixing shelter, often inevitably slide a dare perhaps not dare to-do the latest profile. But what types of person is Fu Zhixing, the guy doesn’t care so you’re able to dispute, sneering, “An Guo Gongfu is not necessarily the ash gap.” The fresh new ash pit is the perfect place where Jing Guo hidden the fresh new garbage, “It son’s attention commonly blind.” The fresh partner of boy of loved ones is very pleasant.

…..” to start with amassed proof, ready to impeach the fresh new queen of Lu who was simply drilling to, this has not had date, the king regarding Lu can not waiting so you can plunge away and require to help you slander Fu Zhixing, just searching for passing.

The king’s deal with are white, this type of charges try false, some are genuine, of course the guy consider outsiders have no idea, however now the latest imperial historian said one after another, their center basins off.

The brand new prince gave an effective wink for the purple historian Liu Changwen, Liu Changwen came out and you can said: “I impeach the newest queen off Lu to have publishing books to have individual motives, accepting elegant bribes, indulging into the intercourse and you can residing in this new greenhouse, rather than cultivating private virtue

The new king tested the queen of Lu, the newest concubine sister, by decades pit, he very don’t spend far awareness of, today it looks, is also a disturbed; look turned to the newest crown prince, smiling lightly said: “Rui Ning County, the latest crown prince did a great jobs, this time nonetheless of the top prince to research.”

Later in the day, Fu Zhixing returned to the new An Guo Gong Domestic, was Yan Huyi extract deal with complained, “your mind, can also produce difficulties, hitched to your king’s home while the king’s concubine horny Sex dating, however thinking about your, attraction infinite ah.”

Yan Huynh sneered

“Queen Lu is pretty willing to spend money, to place dirty liquid to my head, please feel free to-be a full time income queen.” Fu Zhixing said mockingly.

“Their members of the family cannot provide King Lu an improve, the fresh new wife does not want they, and you may They are thinking of your, therefore he could be using it in order to their advantage.

“As well hopeless.” Fu Zhixing sneered, Lu Wang outside of the palace to create a house perhaps not long, your hands out-of not everyone, the most important thing has become standing on the newest throne is their sis, not the daddy. The struggle towards throne doesn’t get into them more, but with the top prince, King Su, Queen Gong therefore the still young next prince.

“Enough time isn’t waiting around for your.” Yan Zhu knows as to the reasons King Lu is really so stressed, Queen Su is going to has actually his first kid, and also the Top Prince has been doing work about court having many years. Provided it is something that is also damage the power of one’s Crown Prince and you can Queen Su, King Lu does they.

Yan Jiu sent their kid who was simply running up to next to your and overflowing your on the Fu Zhixing’s hands, “Fool around with your guy, I’ll need a shower.”

“We are with her.” Fu Zhixing kept their son’s fat hips that have one-hand and you may got Yan Huynh’s hand to the most other.

“It’s almost winter season, the current weather is actually cool, Really don’t want to be cool and you may cool, I am ill and take in drug, your man must be weaned.” Yan Huynh shrugged regarding his hand, don’t get rid of.

A short while later, new top prince found out the truth about Queen Lu and you may filed a fold, inquiring His Majesty so you’re able to signal, “3 months away from grounding and a year of fines.” After all, the brand new errors you to definitely Queen Lu made was basically the unimportant errors.

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